can you imagine such a life?

and you and i have one thing in common … guaranteed.

it is absolutely certain that one day the world will go on without us.

Burning Incense Imagethere is no doubt that you and i will both one day breathe our last breaths. and as our lungs labor the last in and out, in and out, in and out, we will both inevitably react – is this really it? and for one of us it will be a time of soul-searching. is this fair? what about the things that didn’t get done – the things that will never get done? … and for the other of us, it will be simply a smile, a chuckle, … … … CLAP … … … CLAP … … … CLAP … … … do you understand? do you want to understand? do you realize that you can have a life where your inevitable sickness and death has no hold over you? can you imagine such a life?

consider seriously and you will have to admit that no, you cannot imagine such a life.

fast-forward to the time of your approaching death – frail and sickly – how will you live? will you still ‘really see’ the marvels of the cosmos unfolding around you, still ‘really hear’ the cooing dove outside the window and still ‘really feel’ the touch of your caregiver’s hand on your cheek? or will your only concerns be your suffering? ……. but come to think of it, isn’t this how you live now … not really seeing, not really hearing, not really feeling? how can you think that an imminent death will hold no sway, when the petty distractions of each moment already do?

continue your thoughts … imagine that along the way you had learned to ‘really see’, to ‘really hear’ and to ‘really feel’ . how differently would you live your last moments? how differently would you live your last days, your last weeks, your last years … and back to today, how much sweeter would your life be now – a life without doubt, without fear, a straight forward life lived fully and spontaneously?

the one common message of the wisest who have come before us is that very, very, very few get to the time of death knowing what it means to ‘really live.’ but they also show us that understanding is possible, now, in this life – the heaven that exists in this moment. but they also tell us that this understanding is only possible for those who seek and seek and continue to seek. know truth. embody love. see clearly. move freely. your inevitable death can come at any time … got quiet mind?


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